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Why Keycomonline?

Global Keycom Online Solutions is a Registered Company with CAC Nigeria (RC: 1139725) providing e-commerce services, Internet Marketing, e-Currency exchange for the past 13 Years gaining over 6500 Customers Worldwide.

Available Worldwide is a global website that caters for global citizens who need to buy and sell bitcoin at a good rate.

Available 24/7

Our contact channels are open every minute; all messages, complaints or orders are treated within 5 Hours of confirmation and verification. We now accept WhatsApp Chats.

We are Reliable

We are a registered company with over a decade experience in Fintech and almost 7 years in cryptocurrency.

Customer Friendly

We approach all clients as VIP-Deserved one; we attend to all issues with right and precise official skills which in turns give equal utility.

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How to Buy/Sell in 4 Easy Steps

Owing to the price fluctuation of Bitcoin and other Digital Crypto currencies values, we always treat all orders in between 5 Hours – and we use mailing system to allow mail notification system.

Little About Us

We love you to have a background knowledge of who we really are.

Licensed & Registered is a registered company under Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC: 1139725)


Our Website is fully secured; we don’t sell your email to anyone. All order forms filled are sent through an encrypted line

Seamless Services

Our company provides e-commerce services which are seamless in its operations; we pride ourselves over what we do

Years of Operation

We have been up and running for more than 13 Years; with this great experience, we have moved with the trends of the market.


Depending on your country of location, we accept Local bank transfers and deposits, Western Union Transfers/Money gram and Paypal payment.


Our below company stats Show our might and what we have achieved from years past, we have established reputation.

Completed Transactions
BTC Exchanged

Read more about Bitcoin News and prices on our blog post

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly fill a form or call us on your lines to ask those things you are not clear with. We shall be happy to respond to your mails.

What is Crypto-currency?


Do I need an account before I order? Can I guest-Order

Yes, you need an account to place an order. We do this in order to make sure all transaction are plain and recordable. And also you stand a chance to while amazing prices if certain numbers of orders are recorded on your account

How can I create an account?

Sites like (BlockChains, Spectrocoins,coinbase and others handles wallet system) i.e. where your Bitcoins can be kept

What can I do with Bitcoins?

You can buy anything online with Bitcoins; you spend BTC like you are spending your normal country currency

How many hours do I have to wait before I Buy/Sell on your website?

Owing to the price instability and also payment confirmation period, we normally process all orders within 2 – 5 Hours of proper verifications.

What payment means do we accept?

We accept local bank transfers to our GTB and UBA banks for clients from Nigeria and for our clients in Ukraine, payments can be made to our Privatbank account which will be given to you after making orders. Clients in other countries can make payment through SWIFT or Western Union money Transfer to pay for their orders

How do we process order?

Once you fill a form, we receive and send you a mail back to containing (use 'that contains') the Price you are to pay, the payment methods available in your country. Once you make a payment, you log in back to your dashboard to input the payment information (SORT CODES). And once we have received your payment, we send you the equivalent BTC or other currencies into the address provided during ordering.

How can you monitor progress?

We have created a Tracking System for you, where you can monitor the status of each transaction by entering just your email address.

Are there Referral Bonuses?

Yes there are referral bonsues for anyone that comes through you to buy on our website. You will paid in accordance with our Terms and conditions. You can chat with us for more information on this

What are the countries we deal with?

We deal with all countries, but with the latest Bitcoin-non-friendly countries like Morocco.